Cinema 4D Twitter Feed Made with XPresso

I keep seeing all sorts of TV shows post tweets during broadcasts, you can’t escape it. I keep seeing people post the same generic Twitter layout for displaying tweets, it’s probably just a basically template in Photoshop that is updated daily by interns. There is usually no movement or anything animated, just a boring, static graphic.

I started to build a 3D Tweet as a way to display a tweet inside Cinema 4D, and before long I built an entire Twitter feed and web browser.I looked at a Twitter feed and translated it into a MoGraph object, it’s basically just a linear cloner that iterates tweets. So I rigged a ton of XPresso to give the user compete control over everything you’d want to customize in the feed. You can customize the browser window, trending topics, your summarized Twitter profile, and obviously the individual tweets. You can enter in the text you want and all the secondary information to make the tweet appear exactly how you’d see it on Twitter (well, like 99% accurate, this is 3D animation not web design).

Here’s a video I posted showing how you control it, the file is available here for free. I decided against making it a pay file and just as donationware, so enjoy.

C4D Twitter Donation

Other Amount:

3D Presentation Slideshow and Weigh In

I had to update my banner to reflect my actual, accurate weight. When I updated the site over the summer and added the tagline with my height and weight to the banner I listed myself at 160 pounds, which was generous, I was a bit less than that. Yeah, I lied to you. But all of last year I focused myself in the gym for the first time in my life while eating a lot of helpful food to get stronger.

I gained 30-35 pounds in less than a year. Good pounds too, they came with equipped with muscles and everything. So I changed my banner to reflect my new weight, I wish there was a PHP plugin to sync up with my body and do it automatically, but that would be hard to program.

I’m not sure at what weight it stops being ironic that my nickname is “BIG MIKE” but people were calling me that when I was 4 foot nothing so it will stick no matter what happens.

Besides eating and lifting heavy things, I also designed a new file for purchase on videohive.

It’s an Xpresso powered slideshow created in Cinema 4D and After Effects. It allows you to display photos, videos, 3D objects, etc. in actual 3D space within Cinema 4D. I coded the controls to be powered via Xpresso and a User Data control panel. There is minimal keyframing needed to create a great looking 3D presentation slideshow that will blow the pants off anything that can be exported from Microsoft Powerpoint.

I made a video that shows a little how it works in case people want to see behind the scenes before they buy it. I also provided an instruction guide and encourage any emails from users if they get stuck.

I have a bunch of different file ideas I want to execute, I just need more time in the day to be able to work on them.

New Items: Bulletin Boards

I designed one model in 3D and exported it as both a Cinema 4D project on 3DOcean and an After Effects project on VideoHive.

It’s a bulletin bard you can add you own papers, notes, etc. to and navigate a camera around, highlighting various pieces.

Support a Starving Artist/Nerd

I’ve recently added some clips on VideoHive and on 3DOcean. They are marketplaces for graphic artists to upload their work to sell, and I get paid a certain percentage based on the asking price and how many I’ve sold. If you want to support me and my site, feel free to buy a file, clip, project, or whatever I upload, I would really appreciate it. I’ve added a few things so far and I have some other designs in the work. I’m planning on uploading a ton of stuff eventually, whatever comes to mind and I develop. The idea is to create files with a lot of utility and have wide appeal to maximize sales.

Featured on 3D Ocean:

My Acoustic Guitar in Cinema 4D.
acoustic guitar made in cinema 4d

I modeled this guitar from scratch in Cinema 4D. It has a lot of detail and is a very accurate design, I included all the components in a real guitar.

Featured on VideoHive:

An After Effects Project that creates a 3D silhouette concert crowd.
after effects silhouette crowd

This After Effects project lets you control the intensity that the silhouette crowd reacts. They jump up and down like they ere a crowd at a concert or some other event. It is an expression based project, so you can keyframe just one amount to get the right intensity you desire.