Learning to Use My New GoPro

So I had a GoPro camera at the top of my wish list for awhile now and I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. I bought the GoPro Hero4 Black, it came bundled with a good set of accessories for free so I finally just clicked the buy button and stopped thinking about it.

It’s an effort to get back to my photo and video roots. Long before I ever animated anything, I was shooting on whatever camera I could get my hands on. I liked the classic one-use disposable camera as a child and I had a old Nikon SLR that I used when learning the forgotten art of using a dark room to develop film, which I was legitametly horrible at. My first prints were simultaneously over AND underexposed, blurry messes and if you saw them back then you’d probably suggest I find a different career path.

The first video camera I ever used was my parents old Sony 8 MM camcorder. I later got a Canon that shot on Mini DV that I hooked up to my snow white bubble iMac via Firewire and started editing in iMovie. It was really exciting to be able to shoot video one minute and then edit it on a computer the next. I made a variety of home movies of varying quality with that setup, but eventually I sought out the graphics world as a way to add titles and effects to my films, and create images that I simply couldn’t film. Now my work consists of like 95% all computer generated imagery and my camera technology quickly became outdated.

But not anymore! My GoPro is new, fresh and growing with an interesting user community shooting footage that is exciting and inventive. I love watching their demo reels, and I remember being mesmerized and wide-eyed by their looping footage playing at their demo booth when I went to NAB.

Embedded here is my first GoPro edit, me and my friend Mark playing golf. He used to be in my home movies back in the day, so our maturity level automatically dropped as soon as we started recording. We tried to overcompensate for filming a underwhemingly exciting subject, us being below average at golf, into something epic and GoPro worthy. It was really fun for me to make something so dumb and pointless again.

My lifestyle doesn’t really align much with what the “action” part of the action cam name suggests, but I can find ways to have fun and be creative with it in my own way. I am going to start doing some simple time lapses and fun photography before I work my way up to base jumping off the glacier I climbed into shark infested waters. Just give me time.

I’m going to post anything that comes out good on my GoPro Vimeo album and maybe short clips on my Instagram.