Univision Promo: James Bond Watch

I guess I play the role of Q in this promo for Unvision features Raul de Molina of El Gordo y La Flaca. He is supposed to be James Bond and I was in charge of creating this gadget watch for him to use. Instead of having it turn into an Aston Martin, a gun, or an Aston Martin made of guns, I made it turn into the Univsion logo. I suppose I should just stick with C4D instead of MI6.

The original clip contains none of the moving parts, it’s just a plain close-up on the watch. The gold watch itself is probably worth more than every car I’ve ever had. I can’t imagine spending that much money on a watch (not that I actually have to worry about it) that only tells me what time it is and looks like clunky and ugly. I am an authority on men’s fashion so I should know.
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Univision Promo: Taxi Drive By

A lot of questions arise from this Univision Promo and I don’t have the answers. Why are they waiting for a taxi on a bench? Are there taxi benches out there in the world? Why does the taxi refuse to stop for them? What kind of taxi is capable of brining tropical fun and cocktails in coconuts as it speeds past? Is this like the international cousin of the Cash Cab? I just don’t know, I learned a long time ago that sometimes you have to shut off your brain and do your work, because trying to make sense of what you are working on is a fruitless pursuit.

This one was pretty basic, it stars Lili and Raul from El Gordo y La Flaca. I was given a 3D car model and I made it look like a yellow taxi, it goes by so fast that you don’t need to sweat the details. Then I just needed to clean up the image a bit, add a little more style and movement to the sign, and add some leaves to the foreground to make the scene a little deeper.

Univision Promo: Chasing Butterflies

Here is a Univision Promo I did featuring the lovely Greydis Gil. I want to apologize first for the music. It was not up to me to use a track that was written by Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom.

This one took a long time to create. I started by making a butterfly in Cinema 4D that was comprised of the pieces of the Univsion logo. I imported the logo as splines and textured each piece to match the corresponding colors. Then I animated the movement of the wings by linking them together with xpresso and driving them with some user data I keyframed. Continue Reading

Univision Promo: Spanish Maja

Here is a new Univision Promo I did with Cinema 4D and After Effects. They needed it done fast earlier this month because they wanted to air this network promo right after the coverage of the World Cup ended, and they were hoping Spain would win and they could air this promo that has an obvious Spanish theme to it. I got it done with a quick turnaround thanks to MoGraph as always. Continue Reading