Cinema 4D Twitter Feed Made with XPresso

I keep seeing all sorts of TV shows post tweets during broadcasts, you can’t escape it. I keep seeing people post the same generic Twitter layout for displaying tweets, it’s probably just a basically template in Photoshop that is updated daily by interns. There is usually no movement or anything animated, just a boring, static graphic.

I started to build a 3D Tweet as a way to display a tweet inside Cinema 4D, and before long I built an entire Twitter feed and web browser.I looked at a Twitter feed and translated it into a MoGraph object, it’s basically just a linear cloner that iterates tweets. So I rigged a ton of XPresso to give the user compete control over everything you’d want to customize in the feed. You can customize the browser window, trending topics, your summarized Twitter profile, and obviously the individual tweets. You can enter in the text you want and all the secondary information to make the tweet appear exactly how you’d see it on Twitter (well, like 99% accurate, this is 3D animation not web design).

Here’s a video I posted showing how you control it, the file is available here for free. I decided against making it a pay file and just as donationware, so enjoy.

C4D Twitter Donation

Other Amount:

I Succumbed to Twitter

I need to network better. Everybody is on Twitter, and it’s no longer just for letting you know what I’m eating for lunch or that I just got the mail. I want to get connect to more people because I want to make new contacts and get some new work opportunities to come my way. If connecting to Twitter helps me with that just 1 time, it pays for itself. Yea I know it’s free.

So please follow me on Twitter. I don’t want to be a desperate nobody, trapped in Twitter purgatory. I will post links to my stuff as well as cool tutorials, design resources, articles, etc. that I find on the net. So please add me, otherwise I’m going to have to make like 100 pretend Twitter accounts, and I really don’t want to do that.