TurbulenceFD Tests: Turbulence and Vorticity

Here’s a test on a tandem of properties that you may want to adjust together in TurbulenceFD. Turbulence and Vorticity are found right on top of each other inside the Simulation settings of your Container. By adding these properties to your simulation, you get some much needed variation in your fluid’s movement, turning a flame that looks rigid and uniform into one that looks far more natural. These settings yield different results when increased and then combined in certain amounts. Check out a couple of these comparisons side by side, and you can see how adjusting the properties separately or both at the same time can change how your fluid reacts. I was surprised when I saw the results, I expected the flame with higher turbulence to look like what the flame does with a higher vorticity, so this is a good video to examine the affect these parameters have on your project.

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