Mograph Dancing Music Orb

I was trying to come up with a new way to show what the Sound Effector in Mograph can do for a lesson in my upcoming book. I wanted to make something that was beyond the simple “Hey look at the clones scaling up to the sound of beat” animations we’ve all seen. So I created this shiny, squirmy, dancing turd rock. GENIUS. There will be a short and sweet lesson on how to create it in my book, in case your future clients demand you make one.

New Tutorial: Interactive Speaker using MoGraph

Head to the tutorial Page to check out my latest tutorial, where I use Cinema 4D and the MoGraph module to create a 3D speaker that is powered by a sound file.

Cinema 4D – Interactive Speaker with Mograph

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to model a 3D speaker and use the sound effector in MoGraph to have it move accurately to the beat of a sound file you specify. Here is a ZIP file that contains the Cinema 4D file to start and a short audio file to use.