Meta Balls Rorschach Test in Cinema 4D

While working on a project I stumbled into a cool design with Meta Balls in Cinema 4D that creates this 3D version of the Rorschach Test. It’s the famous test where you are given 10 different ink blots to stare at by a psychologist and you are asked what you interpret the image to be. They are just smudges but sometimes you can make out the silhouettes of certain objects or themes, thus determining if you are 100% completely insane or not.

Using a Cloner with a sphere, a Random Effector, a Formula Effector, and Meta Balls, I was able to create a free-flowing version of a test. The great thing about Using MoGraph with this is you can alter the random seed, the number of clones, or any number of different options and get a completely different looking animation. Pause the video at any point and look at the pattern. See anything interesting?

Clearly this is the Dog from Dunk Hunt laughing at you when you fired and missed shooting at the duck.