Presentating at the Cinema 4D Roadshow: Miami for Maxon

I am excited to be presenting for Maxon again at the Miami stop of the Cinema 4D Roadshow on October 20th. I have done a couple presentations for them like at NAB a few years back, and I’m always grateful to have the chance to share some C4D experience and knowledge with any audience. Since I have been teaching mograph classes the past 2 years I have gotten better at explaining the program and speaking to a crowd about computer software, which can be tricky if you want to keep people engaged and not lose them in a bunch of jargon and nerd talk.

If you would like to attend you can sign up and get the info here:

Hope to see you there.

Sketch and Toon: Hand Drawn Sketch for D3

I was asked again to present at the D3 Expo in Miami on anything related to 3D or Cinema 4D. Since I rarely get to use Sketch and Toon in my day job, I decided to focus on it for this and get some practice in with it.

I centered my presentation around the idea of leveraging computers and software to create more natural looking art. It was sort of an exploration into the contrast between digital vs analog art, how computers are very technical and precise and can easily create lots of copies, and how actual, tangible art like paintings or drawings are unique and have a personal touch that computers can’t replicate without some practice and skill on our part. So for this example I took the D3 Logo as a vector file from Illustrator, and I took it into Cinema 4D and designed it to look more like it was drawn by hand.

In Sketch and Toon your base look is just a plain black tracing of your splines, but by modifying the material you can make it look like you are drawing with any sort of marker, crayon, pencil, pen etc. I decided to make it sort of a very rough and messy sketch, with multiple layers of strokes. One layer was like a rough sketch in pencil, followed by a darker, more precise stroke over it. Then I filled in everything via some shading using the Hatch shader, animating it in After effects a a paint later being written on.

The animation is dynamic from frame to frame. The key is to add lots of variation throughout the settings, so changing things like the scatter of the cross hatching, animating noise settings, vibrate tags, Displacer deformers, things like that. By changing the overall look of the image slightly each frame, you are lending to the idea that each frame is a unique still, with an artist drawing them differently every frame. Also using a lower frame rate is a good idea, it makes the animation a little less smooth, almost like a flipbook.

My Full Sail Presentation

I’ll be presenting for Maxon at Full Sail University on Friday, May 24th. I’ll be discussing some projects of mine as a Broadcast Designer, I’ll talk about how useful a tool Cinema 4D is in my field. I’ll try to hit on some topics like:

  • What exactly is broadcast design
  • Cineware integration with After Effects
  • Advantages for students
  • How Cinema 4D helps me in my various projects

I’m excited to be demoing some of my projects recent for live performances and I’ll try to shed a little light on what exactly a career as a broadcast designer entails. Here’s a still from a recent project I did, I’ll show the 3D behind it:


My NAB 2013 Presentation

So Maxon posted videos of all the presentations from NAB 2013. Mine was about how XPresso can help optimize your workflow in Cinema 4D. I demonstrate how you can create control panels with User Data to streamline all your relevant project settings into one spot. Here’s the project files that went along with it.

I had a blast at NAB and a great time with the Maxon crew. It was inspiring and an honor to be in the company of so many creative C4D users from around the world.

Check out the video and if you have any questions please contact me.

NAB Rundown

I’m presenting for Maxon at NAB today in Las Vegas. I’ll be demonstrating how to use XPresso to enhance you Cinema 4D Projects. This post contains everything you need to follow along with my presentation on C4D Live:

I’m on Twitter @bigmikedesign

Here are the sample projects to follow along during my presentation.

Here is my reel.

Here is a link to the C4D Games Projects if you wish to check them out and download them all.

Here is link to my donationwareCinema 4D Twitter project with a sample video showing you all the controls in action.

Thanks, if you wish to contact me after the presentation with comments/questions you can email me at

I’m Presenting at NAB Next Week

Maxon asked me to be a presenter for their software demonstration at NAB in Las Vegas this year. Naturally I accepted; it’s a pretty cool honor to have them notice your work. And of all the people in the world using and creating great stuff with Cinema 4D, I won’t ask too many questions why they chose me and instead just enjoy them bringing me out to Vegas.

Three to four years ago I was down on my luck after walking away from the glamorous lifestyle of mass producing local car commercials. I couldn’t get a design job anywhere. In September 2009 I didn’t make it past the first round of interviews for a part time job designing animated advertisements for a flat screen TV inside and Indian grocery store in Iselin, NJ. Yes apparently there were a second set of interviews for this position. That all sounds funny now that I see it typed out. Since then I got my foot in the door somewhere, I eventually got hired, I wrote a book, and enough people think I am smart and qualified enough to give me these opportunities. Honestly it’s a cool position to be in; I’m only 27 and I keep improving my knowledge and creative capabilities every year. Hopefully my presentation will share something cool and insightful about Cinema 4D. It will lean heavy on XPresso.

Check out C4D Live on Wednesday and Thursday for my presentation.

3D Presentation Slideshow and Weigh In

I had to update my banner to reflect my actual, accurate weight. When I updated the site over the summer and added the tagline with my height and weight to the banner I listed myself at 160 pounds, which was generous, I was a bit less than that. Yeah, I lied to you. But all of last year I focused myself in the gym for the first time in my life while eating a lot of helpful food to get stronger.

I gained 30-35 pounds in less than a year. Good pounds too, they came with equipped with muscles and everything. So I changed my banner to reflect my new weight, I wish there was a PHP plugin to sync up with my body and do it automatically, but that would be hard to program.

I’m not sure at what weight it stops being ironic that my nickname is “BIG MIKE” but people were calling me that when I was 4 foot nothing so it will stick no matter what happens.

Besides eating and lifting heavy things, I also designed a new file for purchase on videohive.

It’s an Xpresso powered slideshow created in Cinema 4D and After Effects. It allows you to display photos, videos, 3D objects, etc. in actual 3D space within Cinema 4D. I coded the controls to be powered via Xpresso and a User Data control panel. There is minimal keyframing needed to create a great looking 3D presentation slideshow that will blow the pants off anything that can be exported from Microsoft Powerpoint.

I made a video that shows a little how it works in case people want to see behind the scenes before they buy it. I also provided an instruction guide and encourage any emails from users if they get stuck.

I have a bunch of different file ideas I want to execute, I just need more time in the day to be able to work on them.