Photo: XTREME Caterpillar

Things are slow right now, very slow. I’m in design purgatory right now. Not a good place.

So here is a total random picture I took of this caterpillar I saw outside my apartment.

It is a Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar.


Happy 5th of July

My view of the show on 51st and 12th. Mini-tripod to the rescue:

By the way I’m kinda by New York now, freelancin’. I neglected to mention this in my blog, seems like that would be an easy post to make. I had a post written about it but the draft never made it up. Hit me up if you want to do business with me.

Adding my Photos from FLICKR

I finally got on FLICKR and to upload some of my photos. I’ve always liked photography, which lends itself to many motion graphics and 3D design related techniques I use. I’m not too great at it yet, but I always keep my camera handy ready to capture that unforgettable moment…

Like when a tortoise wanders into your backyard.

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