I’m Dumb

I forgot to post the file that goes with the paper rip tutorial. It is now available here.

Blog redesign: Comments are functional again

So it turns out I’m not a master of PHP. I fiddled with my code so much that some how I pretty much prevented visitors from being able to use comments on my site.

So I scrapped the old design and came up with this. I think it work’s better with the look of my homepage.

Anyway, comments seem to be working again. I guess I should of figured something was wrong since nobody said anything for over a month. I mean come on, my site’s not that useless.

Anyway, go ahead and give comments a try to help me see if they work, and if you run into any issues please let me know.

Just Noticed- Safari 3 Issue

I just noticed that my embedded videos do not play in Safari 3. So in case you were trying to watch a video and it was not playing, I updated the links to include the video’s Vimeo page. I’ll talk with them after the holidays to try and resolve the issue.

Back to Normal

OK my reel is back up and running, I updated it by adding a the Current TV promo to it and changing the order of certain clips.

In other news my career as a student is likely over, as I will be graduating in the next few days. I’m working on updating my resume page in anticipation of looking for a job.

I also added a new blogroll link, the MographWiki, a great resource for motion graphics.

Demo Reel Issues…

I decided to post about this as I wait. I’ve updated my reel but I’m having trouble getting it uploaded. I know there’s probably millions, perhaps billions of people confused as to why they can’t watch it right now, but I assure that it will be back up soon.