Looking for new music for my reel

I’d like to add a new song to my demo reel instead of some cheesy number I whipped up in Garageband. Let me know if you know someone who would let me use their music for my reel, if I think it works with my stuff I’ll give the proper credit and all that.

I think music really goes hand in hand with graphics and design. I’d love to give music videos, album art, live-show graphics a try in my next job. A few months ago I went to a concert and recognized a ton of the plugins and programs that the backgrounds looping behind them were made with.

Sad? Ehhh maybe a little.

Let me know if you can help me out.

Cinema 4D – Interactive Speaker with Mograph

In this tutorial I demonstrate how to model a 3D speaker and use the sound effector in MoGraph to have it move accurately to the beat of a sound file you specify. Here is a ZIP file that contains the Cinema 4D file to start and a short audio file to use.