Presentating at the Cinema 4D Roadshow: Miami for Maxon

I am excited to be presenting for Maxon again at the Miami stop of the Cinema 4D Roadshow on October 20th. I have done a couple presentations for them like at NAB a few years back, and I’m always grateful to have the chance to share some C4D experience and knowledge with any audience. Since I have been teaching mograph classes the past 2 years I have gotten better at explaining the program and speaking to a crowd about computer software, which can be tricky if you want to keep people engaged and not lose them in a bunch of jargon and nerd talk.

If you would like to attend you can sign up and get the info here:

Hope to see you there.

I’m Presenting at NAB Next Week

Maxon asked me to be a presenter for their software demonstration at NAB in Las Vegas this year. Naturally I accepted; it’s a pretty cool honor to have them notice your work. And of all the people in the world using and creating great stuff with Cinema 4D, I won’t ask too many questions why they chose me and instead just enjoy them bringing me out to Vegas.

Three to four years ago I was down on my luck after walking away from the glamorous lifestyle of mass producing local car commercials. I couldn’t get a design job anywhere. In September 2009 I didn’t make it past the first round of interviews for a part time job designing animated advertisements for a flat screen TV inside and Indian grocery store in Iselin, NJ. Yes apparently there were a second set of interviews for this position. That all sounds funny now that I see it typed out. Since then I got my foot in the door somewhere, I eventually got hired, I wrote a book, and enough people think I am smart and qualified enough to give me these opportunities. Honestly it’s a cool position to be in; I’m only 27 and I keep improving my knowledge and creative capabilities every year. Hopefully my presentation will share something cool and insightful about Cinema 4D. It will lean heavy on XPresso.

Check out C4D Live on Wednesday and Thursday for my presentation.