GoPro: Paddleboarding

I took my GoPro out on the water and went paddleboarding. It’s fairly easy to do once you stand up on the board and get going, but the GoPro make it a little more complicated. I was trying to keep my balance, record footage, and make sure my camera bag didn’t fall into the water. It was a fun activity nonetheless and I’ll probably attempt it again.

I got a decent shot of some manatees underwater. I was framing it blindly and didn’t get quite the composition I wanted but it’s still a cool clip to capture. I wanted to use my “selfie stick” device and stick it down into the water but I didn’t have the right attachment head for it.

I learned a couple things this time out on the water with my GoPro:

  • Pack lighter – My bag was overflowing with a bunch of stuff I didn’t come close to using.
  • Get ready first- I saw those manatees in the video within like 10 minutes of being on the water.
  • The housing limits audio – A lot. Everything is very muffled through the waterproof housing.