Low Poly Golf

Here’s a new low poly animation I designed in Cinema 4D just for kicks. I wanted to find another way to use the awesome plugin Unfolder from Code Vonc. I had previously done a low poly alphabet as an exercise, but I wanted to do something a little more substantial and developed.

Low poly modeling and animation seems to work best when you take something really complex and natural looking in shape and try to reduce it to the simplest of geometric forms. Landscapes are a good example of this, they provided a myriad of natural curves and organic detail, that can be visually appealing when you successfully reduce this down to simple polygons while retaining the form it represents. I bounced around different ideas and settled on a golf course. It offered the chance to fold up rolling hills, mountains, lakes, sand traps, different grass variations, etc.

I stared out drawing the course from an overhead view. I used the Polygon Pen tool because I could draw an oddly shaped hole and start filling in the detail. Once I settled on the shape I started carving it up with the Knife tool, then isolating certain polygon sections for the lake, bunkers, etc. so I could apply different materials to them easily. I worked on the camera animation to focus only on the area I modeled, just so I wouldn’t need to add in extraneous detail way off in the distance.

I grabbed some mocap data from the Carnegie Mellon mocap database and fit it to a simple low poly golfer I made form a base mesh. That provided the swing animation, then I had to apply many different instances to the Unfolder plugin animating the polygons folding o the screen, syncing it so they reveal at interesting parts during the camera move. I focused on the materials, lighitng and rendering last, ending up with a sort of early morning sunny scene with bright, vivid color on the course.

All in all it’s kind of cool, I could always add more detail (flowers, birds, golf carts, other golfers) but I think it works OK like this.

Low Poly Alphabet in Cinema 4D

Here’s a 3D low poly alphabet I designed in Cinema 4D. I modeled each letter, starting with a basic cap as an N-Gon (a polygon with more than 4 sides) and then cutting, subdividing and extruding the letters. The folding effect is created by the handy plugin Dépilage from Cesar Vonc. This process used to be complicated and painful in Cinema 4D , but this plugin makes the process so much easier; it is well worth the modest price. You can even download a free demo of it that will work with some of the most basic features of the plugin.

The letters are moving via a Random Effector set to points deformation, just to make them a little more playful and lively. You can download the alphabet here and see it, just download and install the Dépilage demo and it will still work for you. With the purchased version you can create some more complicated and variable folding effects.

If you want to use the alphabet the file is here and should work with the free version of Dépilage.