Link to Great Global Illumination Tutorial

Here is the most thorough Global Illumination tutorial I have ever seen for Cinema 4D. It’s for release 11 and higher, which has a revamped interface and set up. One day soon I’m going to strap myself into my chair, lock the doors and not come out until I know every single part of this tutorial.

Link: Good C4D Text Tutorial

Here’s a good tutorial on how to add materials to manipulate text objects in CInema 4D. I was unaware of the “C1, C2, R1, R2” selections you can add. I always just made the object editable and use the Set Selection tag. Thanks Leah.


Link is dead

Wish I Thought of This

It would have gone great with my paint splatter web site theme.

Here’s the tutorial.

New Link:

Check out for a new tutorials from around the web for a bunch of different applications. There’s some good stuff on there already and it’s going to keep growing. Go check it out.

2 New Good Links

Here’s 2 good new links for you:

cgtextures is the best texture site I know of.

stockfootageforfree offers what it says, stock footage for free.

Great Photoshop Site:

Photoshop is the backbone of graphics. Whether your medium is print, broadcast, web, or anywhere else, you need to know Photoshop. There’s really just no way around it.

I found this site PSDTUTS and it has a bunch of great tutorials and examples of work done in photoshop. I’ll be using some of them to enhance my own work, and when I see work like this round-up of examples from Photoshop-Masters, I will be humbled all the way back to the drawing board.

Back to Normal

OK my reel is back up and running, I updated it by adding a the Current TV promo to it and changing the order of certain clips.

In other news my career as a student is likely over, as I will be graduating in the next few days. I’m working on updating my resume page in anticipation of looking for a job.

I also added a new blogroll link, the MographWiki, a great resource for motion graphics.

New Blogroll Link

I’ve found a new site I’m going to link to:

the c4d base

Excellent source of Cinema 4D tips and tutorials. This site has a ton to offer for C4D users.