After Effects: Moving Curtains Reveal

This tutorial shows you how to make a set of curtains that part in the middle, and reveal any footage you desire behind it. All is a few effects (mostly fractal noise) and some keyframes before you get a nice animation. If you render this out with an alpha channel, you will have a clip of these curtains that you can just drop into any composition and you won’t have to mess with the keyframes again. It could be a cool way to reveal a movie trailer or a demo reel.

New Tutorial: Create a Galaxy with Fractal Noise

My newest tutorial is posted. It shows you how to create an entire space scene in After Effects using primarily the fractal noise plug-in. I got inspired to do this based on part of this tutorial where it showed how to use fractal noise to make a star field and I took it a bit further. Fractal Noise has always been considered one of the most useful plug-ins; I’ve used to create tons of different things from clouds to curtains. Check out the video and you’ll be on your way to creating a scene straight from outer space.

After Effects – Outer Space Galaxy with Fractal Noise

Tutorial: Outer Space Galaxy with Fractal Noise

This tutorial uses the always handy fractal noise plug-in to create different elements in an outer space scene. Space gas, planets, and star fields originate from this versatile plug-in. With the right settings you have a nice looking galaxy environment that you could move a camera through if you so choose, or it can be a good background for a title sequence.