Blog redesign: Comments are functional again

So it turns out I’m not a master of PHP. I fiddled with my code so much that some how I pretty much prevented visitors from being able to use comments on my site.

So I scrapped the old design and came up with this. I think it work’s better with the look of my homepage.

Anyway, comments seem to be working again. I guess I should of figured something was wrong since nobody said anything for over a month. I mean come on, my site’s not that useless.

Anyway, go ahead and give comments a try to help me see if they work, and if you run into any issues please let me know.

Back to Normal

OK my reel is back up and running, I updated it by adding a the Current TV promo to it and changing the order of certain clips.

In other news my career as a student is likely over, as I will be graduating in the next few days. I’m working on updating my resume page in anticipation of looking for a job.

I also added a new blogroll link, the MographWiki, a great resource for motion graphics.