GoPro: Fenway Park Time Lapse

I was in Boston earlier this month and went to Fenway Park to watch a Yankees vs Red Sox game. I used to be a much bigger baseball fan than I am now, but I still felt like it was a must-do activity while I was in the city, so I went for it and snagged some tickets. I bought tickets along the first base line to get a good view of the Green Monster. I wrapped my flexible Joby tripod to a railing behind my seat and and set my GoPro up for a time lapse.

The battery lasted pretty long, I was expecting it crap out much earlier in the game. It took a picture every 10 seconds for a couple of hours. Overall the image came out alright, there’s some things I like about it. Having lots of people bustling about in the scene makes the time lapse more effective. I also enjoy the daylight disappearing into night over the length of the video. I think the framing is nice. I set the camera to use Spot Metering, so the brightly lit stadium was what the camera is blackened towards. The dark crowd and overhang create a sort of natural letterbox and negative space for the image.

I have some more ideas for time lapses, this was a good first attempt with my new camera.