Live Show Reel

Here’s a sampling of my animation and motion graphics work I’ve done for various live events. It’s different than some of my usual broadcast design stuff on my other reel.

It’s a process of design animation and motion that is mapped across a stage or an arena, so there’s different techniques used to make you graphics fit to something that size. Instead of preparing something to be viewed on a 50 inch TV, you are working on 30 foot screens and disjointed LED panels.

Last updated 5/1/2016

Music: Rataxes – Holding Hands – Creative Commons 3.0

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Michael Szabo’s Demo Reel

This is my demo reel as of May 1st, 2016. As always, I can’t wait to learn something new and make better work to replace the stuff already on there. It runs just almost 2 minutes and all of the work on it is my own.

Also feel free to check out my demo reel for my live musical and stage performances right here.

Reel Update: July 2009

I added a few clips to my reel. I also picked a less obnoxious music track. Watch it and get your funk on.

First Demo Reel Update of 2009

So let’s see if I still remember how to work this blog thingy.

Here is my updated reel. I removed some car commercial junk that wasn’t going to impress anyone. I added my comic book spot that still hasn’t been on TV and won’t ever be, unless somebody wants me to freelance it for them.

I’ve got an After Effects tutorial idea in the works, but I’m procrastinating on it because things outside of working on computers all day have kept me happily occupied.

Looking for new music for my reel

I’d like to add a new song to my demo reel instead of some cheesy number I whipped up in Garageband. Let me know if you know someone who would let me use their music for my reel, if I think it works with my stuff I’ll give the proper credit and all that.

I think music really goes hand in hand with graphics and design. I’d love to give music videos, album art, live-show graphics a try in my next job. A few months ago I went to a concert and recognized a ton of the plugins and programs that the backgrounds looping behind them were made with.

Sad? Ehhh maybe a little.

Let me know if you can help me out.

Demo Reel + Site Updates

I updated my demo reel by adding and subtracting a few things. I added a few clips like my Adobe Contest Entry and my Paper Stacking Desk. Most of the stuff remained the same, I just added a few more things I have done in Cinema 4D.

Overall, I tweaked the rest of my site as well. I removed the links page off of the main part of the site, because it was pretty much useless. All the pertinent links are on the Blogroll to the left. I adjusted some of the formatting of my blog, updated my resumè, all sorts of exciting stuff.

Back to Normal

OK my reel is back up and running, I updated it by adding a the Current TV promo to it and changing the order of certain clips.

In other news my career as a student is likely over, as I will be graduating in the next few days. I’m working on updating my resume page in anticipation of looking for a job.

I also added a new blogroll link, the MographWiki, a great resource for motion graphics.

Demo Reel Issues…

I decided to post about this as I wait. I’ve updated my reel but I’m having trouble getting it uploaded. I know there’s probably millions, perhaps billions of people confused as to why they can’t watch it right now, but I assure that it will be back up soon.