I am mentioned honorably

So AETUTS+ announced their winner for the logo reveal contest I entered. Mine was ok, the winner’s was way better, quite slick. I got listed under honorable mention, I think that’s like one step better than getting one of these:

WOOOOOOOOOO! I’m awesome!

My Web Site Won an Award…ehhhh Kinda

I added my website to coolhomepages.com. It’s a good reference for web designers; it provides inspiration and examples of all sorts of designs. So when you submit your site to their database and they think it’s cool, YOU WIN AN AWARD!!!!!


So yeah, my site is one of the top few hundred thousand or so web sites listed on coolhomepages.com. Yea, kinda of a big deal. In other link news, I have removed ColorPrintUSA from the blogroll because the guy who emailed me about offering me work in exchange for a link never sent me one single thing to work on.

Link Exchange: Color Print USA

Head over to www.colorprintusa.com if you need just about anything printed or designed.

I’m looking to freelance as a designer for the services they provide, so contact me or them to get started with any print design you need.