New Items: Bulletin Boards

I designed one model in 3D and exported it as both a Cinema 4D project on 3DOcean and an After Effects project on VideoHive.

It’s a bulletin bard you can add you own papers, notes, etc. to and navigate a camera around, highlighting various pieces.

New 3D Ocean Model: Film Slate

Check out the latest model I made for 3D Ocean:

Film Slate Clapperboard

It’s a 3D film slate with a texture in photoshop that you can update externally and load in yourself. Animate it as you please.

Support a Starving Artist/Nerd

I’ve recently added some clips on VideoHive and on 3DOcean. They are marketplaces for graphic artists to upload their work to sell, and I get paid a certain percentage based on the asking price and how many I’ve sold. If you want to support me and my site, feel free to buy a file, clip, project, or whatever I upload, I would really appreciate it. I’ve added a few things so far and I have some other designs in the work. I’m planning on uploading a ton of stuff eventually, whatever comes to mind and I develop. The idea is to create files with a lot of utility and have wide appeal to maximize sales.

Featured on 3D Ocean:

My Acoustic Guitar in Cinema 4D.
acoustic guitar made in cinema 4d

I modeled this guitar from scratch in Cinema 4D. It has a lot of detail and is a very accurate design, I included all the components in a real guitar.

Featured on VideoHive:

An After Effects Project that creates a 3D silhouette concert crowd.
after effects silhouette crowd

This After Effects project lets you control the intensity that the silhouette crowd reacts. They jump up and down like they ere a crowd at a concert or some other event. It is an expression based project, so you can keyframe just one amount to get the right intensity you desire.