New Tutorial with Motionworks: Collision Deformer

Hey head over to John Dickinson’s site Motionworks and check out this tutorial I made using the new Collision Deformer in Cinema 4D. In my book I go over this new tool in release 13, and this is a new example I developed where we create a figure object who is completely bulletproof; we animate bullets the bounce off of our hero and fall to the ground. All we need is the Collision Deformer and some dynamics.

One Response to “New Tutorial with Motionworks: Collision Deformer”

  1. Manny says:

    Congrats Mike! I purchased your book plus I have to say that its super informative.

    Thank you for sharing your C4D knowledge with everyone in the C4D community, I’m sure that those that are not will find your book intuitive as well as inspiring to tinker with Maxon C4D.

    Thank you Mike!

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