La Movilencuesta Phone Animation

Here’s a cell phone animation I made for a segment on the show Republica Deportiva.

Movilencuesta is not a real word, it was fused together by two lesser words in order to properly describe a segment on the show “Republica Deportiva.” I really, really wish I worked on the show Republica Deportiva everyday. ┬íViva las Senadoras!

Movil means mobile, and refers to a cell phone and encuesta means poll, so I made an animation for The Mobilepoll. As you probably guessed, they ask a question that is answered by texting from your cell phone.

I did the compositing and animation here. I didn’t model the phone, there wasn’t enough time for me to work on that part. It’s a very good model found here.

Phones are becoming really easier to model now because they are largely becoming touch screen-based, so you don;t have to model and texture all those little buttons.

I developed the phone’s interface in After Effects and rendered out the animation to be used on the screen’s geometry in Cinema 4D. I then animated the phone to enter the scene and then serve as a transition to the live show where they ask the question. The text was done in Mograph, with a combination of step effectors with the oh so handy delay effector.

Nothing ground breaking here. Besides las Senadoras.

2 Responses to “La Movilencuesta Phone Animation”

  1. Mlindos says:

    I am quite new to C4D myself, and the first thing I did was lokonig around for tutorials. A lot of people hand out tutorials of C4D but only a few have a clear voice, know how to explain it properly. Actually explain 100% to gain the final result and add some humour in the video so the hour long taking tutorials sometimes keep being fun.My compliments, I love doing your tutorials for the above reasons.This might be a dumb question though, but from dumb questions you get smarter so I heard so I’ll ask it anyway.The attractor plugin .. where can you buy it, or download it, or anything? I have C4D 12 and noticed I can take the attractor from your file to my own .. but if it is a plugin you have to pay for, I rather do that the legal way.I’d apreciate it if you could help me out,Tristan

  2. BIGMIKE says:

    Hey Tristan thanks for watching and I appreciate the kind words. Check for the Attractor under the Modifiers for Particles. I’m not sure of the Menu structure of R12 anymore, but it’s grouped in with the objects like Gravity, Deflector, Turbulence etc. used for modifying particle emissions. THere are tutorials out there on Vimeo and Youtube that will show you how to set it up. It is definitely NOT a third party plugin you have to install or pay for. Hope that helps.

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