ESPN Style Baseball Promo Titles

I made a 3D environment in Cinema 4D in order to mimic the MLB promos ESPN has been using all season long.

I recreated the baseball promos I’ve seen this season on ESPN. I modeled the whole scene in Cinema 4D and did the compositing in After Effects. This scene relies on the camera position being parallel to the wall to recreate the simple and smooth pan along the warning track. I used Mograph to create the wall by cloning the padded panel, and once I modeled one seat I simply used cloners to create the rows. The grass is made with Hair; it really slows the render down but it creates the best looking 3D grass in Cinema 4D. I added the titles that I created in Photoshop to look like they were painted on the wall, and did some color correcting and added some grunge to enhance the scene.

They look very similar to the commercials you see on ESPN, and the best part is that once you create in in Cinema 4D, you can simply swap out the titles to change the teams and games to say whatever you want.

The Red Jays beat the Blue Sox that night 6-4.

2 Responses to “ESPN Style Baseball Promo Titles”

  1. Mike says:

    can you help me make this?

  2. BIGMIKE says:

    DId you follow the tutorial? What do you need help with?

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