Drum Kit made with MoGraph

Here’s an animation I made in CInema 4D using Mograph. It’s a drum kit, made of words, that reacts to the beat.

OK so, I don’t think I’ll be getting a job in the music industry coming up with catchy beats. I made this crappy beat in Garageband, and hooked up each drum to a separate Sound Effector to drive the animation. I could make a better beat, but I wanted to make something simple with all the drums involved. I think it’s a cool way to visualize a drum set. The font is called Chunk Five and it’s my new favorite.

Subway Train Animation/Composite

Here’s a Cinema 4D train moving through a subway station.

The subway platform comes from istockphoto. I modeled the train in Cinema 4D and brought it into After Effects to fit it into the scene. By moving the train so quickly with a heavy motion blur, you can get a way with a relatively basic model of a subway car with not a whole lot of detail. I added some HDRI lighting to simulate the fluorescent lights above and color corrected the train to make it blend in with the color and feel of the environment.

I mean, the clip isn’t anything earth-shattering; you could easily just get a clip of an actual subway train passing by. But sometimes the best part about being a designer is making something out of nothing. A still photo becomes alive with hopes of convincing the audience that there is no animation at all and it goes unnoticed.

Flipping a Deck of Cards in MoGraph

I was in Las Vegas recently and couldn’t stop thinking about linear cloners and step effectors. I’ve got cards and gambling on my mind. I devised a little project that arranges all 52 playing cards in a linear cloner, thus allowing you to animate a entire deck of cards with different parameters and effectors. This animation here is what it looks like when you fan the whole deck of cards out flat on the table and then start at one end and flip all the cards over sequentially all in one motion.

Not a complex animation but once you’ve got it set up it could unlock some better tricks. I think I’m going to make a tutorial for this.

New Tutorial: Interactive Speaker using MoGraph

Head to the tutorial Page to check out my latest tutorial, where I use Cinema 4D and the MoGraph module to create a 3D speaker that is powered by a sound file.

MoGraph: Bills are piling up

Here’s a little clip just in time for tax season. I used mograph to create a scene where someone’s bills are getting out of control. All I used was a cloner object to clone multiple types of bills and a randomize effector to vary the positions and angles of the individual papers that make up the stack. I also modeled all the objects in the scene, even the seagull painting in the background was a vacation picture of mine. Eventually it will be in various car commercials here and there.