Univision Promo: Taxi Drive By

A lot of questions arise from this Univision Promo and I don’t have the answers. Why are they waiting for a taxi on a bench? Are there taxi benches out there in the world? Why does the taxi refuse to stop for them? What kind of taxi is capable of brining tropical fun and cocktails in coconuts as it speeds past? Is this like the international cousin of the Cash Cab? I just don’t know, I learned a long time ago that sometimes you have to shut off your brain and do your work, because trying to make sense of what you are working on is a fruitless pursuit.

This one was pretty basic, it stars Lili and Raul from El Gordo y La Flaca. I was given a 3D car model and I made it look like a yellow taxi, it goes by so fast that you don’t need to sweat the details. Then I just needed to clean up the image a bit, add a little more style and movement to the sign, and add some leaves to the foreground to make the scene a little deeper.

Univision Promo: Chasing Butterflies

Here is a Univision Promo I did featuring the lovely Greydis Gil. I want to apologize first for the music. It was not up to me to use a track that was written by Mario and Luigi in the Mushroom Kingdom.

This one took a long time to create. I started by making a butterfly in Cinema 4D that was comprised of the pieces of the Univsion logo. I imported the logo as splines and textured each piece to match the corresponding colors. Then I animated the movement of the wings by linking them together with xpresso and driving them with some user data I keyframed. Continue Reading

Univision Promo: Spanish Maja

Here is a new Univision Promo I did with Cinema 4D and After Effects. They needed it done fast earlier this month because they wanted to air this network promo right after the coverage of the World Cup ended, and they were hoping Spain would win and they could air this promo that has an obvious Spanish theme to it. I got it done with a quick turnaround thanks to MoGraph as always. Continue Reading

ESPN Style Baseball Promo Titles

I recreated the baseball promos I’ve seen this season on ESPN. I modeled the whole scene in Cinema 4D and did the compositing in After Effects. This scene relies on the camera position being parallel to the wall to recreate the simple and smooth pan along the warning track. I used Mograph to create the wall by cloning the padded panel, and once I modeled one seat I simply used cloners to create the rows. The grass is made with Hair; it really slows the render down but it creates the best looking 3D grass in Cinema 4D. I added the titles that I created in Photoshop to look like they were painted on the wall, and did some color correcting and added some grunge to enhance the scene.

They look very similar to the commercials you see on ESPN, and the best part is that once you create in in Cinema 4D, you can simply swap out the titles to change the teams and games to say whatever you want.

The Red Jays beat the Blue Sox that night 6-4.

La Movilencuesta Phone Animation

Movilencuesta is not a real word, it was fused together by two lesser words in order to properly describe a segment on the show “Republica Deportiva.” I really, really wish I worked on the show Republica Deportiva everyday. ┬íViva las Senadoras!

Movil means mobile, and refers to a cell phone and encuesta means poll, so I made an animation for The Mobilepoll. As you probably guessed, they ask a question that is answered by texting from your cell phone.

I did the compositing and animation here. I didn’t model the phone, there wasn’t enough time for me to work on that part. It’s a very good model found here.
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Some New Examples

I recently did some freelancing in NYC and I worked on some ads for a few Broadway plays. These are technically unfinished I guess, since they weren’t finalized by the clients before I left, but they got to the point where I wanted to include them on my site.

First is La Cage with Kelsey Grammer. The key for this came out really good, I just wish the subjects were chicks instead of dudes.

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Subway Train Animation/Composite

Here’s a Cinema 4D train moving through a subway station.

The subway platform comes from istockphoto. I modeled the train in Cinema 4D and brought it into After Effects to fit it into the scene. By moving the train so quickly with a heavy motion blur, you can get a way with a relatively basic model of a subway car with not a whole lot of detail. I added some HDRI lighting to simulate the fluorescent lights above and color corrected the train to make it blend in with the color and feel of the environment.

I mean, the clip isn’t anything earth-shattering; you could easily just get a clip of an actual subway train passing by. But sometimes the best part about being a designer is making something out of nothing. A still photo becomes alive with hopes of convincing the audience that there is no animation at all and it goes unnoticed.

A Cold Case Without a Trace of Law & Order CSINCISNYPD Blue: Miami

I don’t watch TV like normal people. Every time I see something on TV, I start breaking things down in terms of how they are produced in post-production. I think about the effects and techniques involve and wonder how I would go about creating something similar.

There’s like 10,000 Police/Crime/Detective dramas shows that have come and gone that I never watched much. I think the major networks have this idea that the good guys need to catch the bad guys in a half an hour or else people won’t watch and they can’t sell any ads. I urge you to forget these broadcast network crime shows and go get your hands on The Wire. Trust me. There are two types of people in this world, people who think The Wire is the best show in TV history, and people who have never seen The Wire. You will regret wasting your time watching people take their sunglasses on and off instead of watching The Wire. It has no discernible line between good guys and bad guys, the stories have a series of causes and effects that span several seasons beautifully, intertwining conflicts get resolved and lead to new ones, and it’s HBO so it doesn’t have to hold back like regular TV.

Oh yea, motion graphics. I made this intro in CInema 4D and After Effects for a shitty crime show that will surely get cancelled.
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Spider Web Text Animation Tutorial Posted

I just posted a new tutorial for After Effects. I show you how to create an animated spider web that catches some text flying into it. It starts by showing you how to create the web in Illustrator and then how to make it elastic and bouncy in After Effects. Enjoy and hit me up with any questions you may have.

Marvelous Spider Text, Man

Something I worked on in After Effects that really doesn’t try to mimic any style or theme you’ve seen before, nope not at all.

I submitted this to get picked up as a tutorial that I would get paid for, and it probably won’t in the end. So if not then I will record the tutorial for this technique and post it here.