About Me

Hello, I’m Michael Szabo and I am a motion designer in Florida. If you are like my grandma and have no idea what that means, check this out. Basically I design animations that convey an idea, promote a concept, and hopefully engage viewers regardless of what medium they are viewing my work. I make things move.

My website is my growing portfolio of work. I like to keep all of my videos online as a way to gauge what people like and what they think is pretty “meh” so I can improve my work in the future. I am constantly making new animations to show what I can do and to challenge myself to become a better designer. Every time I start a project I hope I can make it good enough to end up on my reel.

I love college football, cracking jokes, working out, playing basketball, and just having a good time with friends and family. I also am an author, I wrote my first book about Cinema 4D in 2011 and got it published in 2012.