About Me

Hello there, I’m Michael Szabo and I am a motion designer.

What’s a motion designer? I design animations that convey an idea, promote a concept, and hopefully engage viewers regardless of what medium they are viewing my work.

I didn’t formally plan on doing this at like a  career day when I was in middle school. I am really largely just self taught, a product of learning constantly, with some trial and error (actually lots of that). I got my hands on different software applications and tried to leaner how to be creative with them. I primarily use Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe Afters Effects in my animation work.

I consider website is to be a growing portfolio of my work. I started posting here in 2007, unconcerned if anybody actually went to the site whatsoever. I like to keep my videos online as a way to gauge how my work has evolved over time. I constantly try to create new animations to show what I can do, challenging myself to become a better designer. Learning new techniques is what it’s all about. Every time I start a project I hope I can make it good enough to end up on my reel. I strive to replace the old stuff with newer, better design ideas.

I also am an author, I wrote my first book about Cinema 4D in 2011 and got it published in 2012. I also recently started teaching motion graphics using applications like Cinema 4D at New World School of the Arts. AS interesting as my work can be, I have a constant desire to detach from my computer and my work and do something different. I’m a sports fan, I’m into craft beer, I like cooking, photography, playing golf, and hanging out with my friends and family.